General Data Protection Regulations

In accordance with the Act which came into force on 25th May 2018, you can now exercise the right to access any information we hold about you. This request is now free of charge. All the information that we hold about you has been provided by you. We don’t store any details other than what you have provided.


30. We now to have to obtain your individual consent to store and use the data you provide and explain how it is used and provide evidence that we have asked your permission. You now have the option to withdraw approval of how the details you provide to us are used and stored. We only store the data that you tell us to.

30.1 The information that you provide to us by filling out forms on our website are done so by a third party at Jot Form, who both collect and store the details that you provide. The details that are stored are solely the details that you provide. We no longer store IP address or any data that is not directly supplied by you. The information we collect is directly used to directly provide the essential services to you. For example, we ask for your mobile number so we can text delivery notifications to you or contact you with appointment updates.

30.2 The information that you provide to us by filling out the account sign up form on our website are stored by our website hosts at WIX who store the details you provide over a secure network and to which you have full access & control of what is provided, stored, or deleted. You can change any of this data at any time by logging in to your account.

Right to Access

30.3 You now have the right to request information from us about what personal data concerning you we are processing. Since the information we process is what you provided in the first place, this request is somewhat needless but still it is your right none the less and so we are duty bound to point this out.

Right to Erasure

30.4 Also called the right to be forgotten. You have the right to request your personal data to be permanently deleted and further more to instruct us to stop sharing it with third parties, which are also obligated to stop processing it. Bare in mind this request will also delete your access to personal wedding movies, photos and all data not just names and addresses. If this is a request you wish to exercise we recommend downloading any data to your own devices prior to such a request is carried out. This action is permanent and means the data cannot be retrieved.

Privacy by Design

30.5 All our services, products, systems and processes are secure from the start, resulting in strong, consistent data protection implantation. We only use the most advanced and technically updated partners and security features.

Data Portability

30.6 As an individual you have the right to transmit the data you have previously supplied to us to someone else and this legislation gives you the right and the framework to do so. We will provide you with a pdf document of all the data on record for your convenience so you have your information on the world’s most commonly used format.

Third Parties

31. We don’t store or hold any data about you that you haven’t provided yourself. All the information that you have provided are stored securely with our third parties not us. You can view the third parties and the details they will hold from the table below.

Launch Request

31.1 If you wish to exercise your right to any aspect of data, deletion, transfer, access or other please email such a request to our Data Controller and the request will be carried out by the end of the same working day. Email the Data Controller here.


32.    We welcome any questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy and any such comments may be emailed to

Thank you for taking the time to read our GDPR policy. It is there to protect you.