What's Included?


I am the only wedding provider to offer all the features below included in your wedding booking. No hidden extra costs. Just simple pricing for everything. No plans. No bells and whistles.

All Day filming

I arrive about 2 hours prior to your wedding start time to set up and meet and greet your guests. I capture them arriving and the reactions of your partner. I stay all day, require no food or drink, and film the entire service and reception up to 9:00pm. Please let me know in advance if you require longer than this. There is no charge, I just need to plan.

Live broadcast

Too expensive to have everyone at your wedding I know, so let them still be part of it from the comfort of their own home by watching you say your vows live on Sky Q , YouTube, Facebook or our website. Any one who is ill and can't make it or anyone abroad can still share your moments.


Choose your type of USB device to physically store the memories of your wedding day. Alternatively, watch on any smart device, tablet, phone, tv etc and play, pause, rewind, share, download and so much more. Even keep your movie private so only you and who want can view it.

Guest Messages

Have your guests leave messages for you both. Be it private, emotional or hilarious. Get to watch in raw style what they thought of you and your day. In drink this is the most funny of experiences you won't want to miss.

Sevice & Reception

Filmed in their entirety. included the build up , vows and all speeches with or without slide shows. Discrete wireless microphones strategically placed captures everything in stunning 5:1 surround sound.

Cutting the cake/First dance

We are there for your cake cutting ceremony and the first dance with a spectacular confetti cannon explosion to finish it off. In addition to any child and father/bride dances too.

Your music

Select from over 26 million songs to have played on your movie. Each partner can choose up to 3 of their favourite songs each. This is in addition to any background music we carefully overlay to enhance the mood.

Edit Preview

Watch your finished movie in private and if you don't like certain edits just let me know and I'll  put them right. As many edits and re-edits as it takes for you to be happy until the finished movie is complete.


I believe it is only right that your stag, hen and honeymoon experiences should be part of your wedding day package and that they should be together in one place. You provide the photos and I do the rest. Only if you want to that is:)

Flexible Payments

Having your wedding filmed is not at the forefront of most couples minds. But you will regret it if you don't. This lifetime experience should be affordable to everyone that's why I accept monthly payments, low deposits or pay as you want. Just have the final balance paid in full one month before your wedding.

Share the big news

Let your family and friends feel proud of your achievement. Let them have their own copy of your wedding by sharing your movie with them, let them download it, comment on it and much more. Post to Facebook, Twitter and any other social platform. All for free.

Appointment visit

Let us have a chat about your wedding application and the wedding day plans in general with our  meet and greet appointment. You choose the date and time that is convenient to you and we do the travelling to your home. Our first face 2 face chat:)


The cost of your wedding also includes 

  • All our expenses
  • Drone camera footage
  • At least 4 cameras
  • Photoshoot with your photographer
  • Full HD
  • Virtual Reality footage (coming 2019)
  • Heart shaped USB
  • Unrivalled customer support